Cakes By Kirst is my brand new blog where I will be sharing my passion with you, baking! The blog features cupcakes, cookies, traybakes and of course cakes!

A bit about me…I am 26 years old, I work full time and have a hectic lifestyle, however my passion is food, and in particular baking. I was brought up on my Nan’s cakes and she was a great inspiration for me. Since finishing Uni (where I studied geography) have started baking more regularly; for friends, family and colleagues. I love experimenting with flavours and decoration and whenever I can find an excuse (and a bit of time) I’ll bake. I have also become a hoarder of cookbooks, and I am constantly looking for new baking inspiration online.

I have two step-kids Brooke (6) and Ellie (5) and they love helping me out in the kitchen and their Dad (Keith) is my chief taster! With mine and Keith’s colleagues alike joining in with the tasting.

One day I dream of owning my own cake shop, but in the meantime this blog is my own little retreat from the day job (which is within a railway control office if you were interested!).


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